Last call for the Presentation Lunch – Friday 26th Nov

We have 43 names so far for the lunch.  FRI 26th NOV 12.30 arrival for a 1.30  lunch. It will be two courses at £18.

We thought we would start the Christmas season off early this year as we missed out SO much last year and have roast turkey with a vegetarian roast option followed by profiter rolls, choc sauce and cream or a fruit salad.


Debs needs to know if anyone going for the vegetarian option or fruit salad option please. If you can put a V for vegetarian option and FS for fruit salad that will help me.

The sheet is up on the social board in the club by the door if you want to add your name. Payment will be by 1st Nov please.



MONDAY 27th Sept sees the start of the winter games afternoon at the club with tea and cake. The idea being to bring members together over the closed season for a game of rumikub, sequence, domino’s, cards etc.

It is not designed to replace the whist sessions but to accompany it. The session will start at 2pm and it is anticipated it will run for a couple of hours. These might be games you have not played before but don’t worry you will soon pick them up. After the first session a decision will be made as to how often they will run.


The whist team are keen to get it going again but are thinking of moving it to an afternoon with some members preferring not to drive on the dark nights etc. So we need to ask all whist players which they would prefer:-

  • A) An afternoon 2.30 – 5pm or 3pm – 5.30 possibly


  • B) Stay with evenings 6.45pm

If you play whist and have a preference please let Debbie know who will pass the info on to help the team decide what the plan is.

Winter program

The committee have a few ideas for the winter months and Jan will be holding her walks and lunches again so the committee will be releasing a program of activities etc once  it is finalised.


The following dates are provisional, subject to Government Covid regulations.




The Green is now closed

See News and Diary page for our winter activites program


23 October

Quiz Night



23rd November

Club AGM


26 November

Presentation Lunch


6 - 10 December

Potters for competative bowls


25 -28 March 2022

Club Weekend trip to Potters


There will be indoor fixtures in Oct; Nov; Dec 2-21 and  Jan and Feb2022.  

See fixtures card for details