The Tuesday Evening League is a semi serious competition run throughout the season which enables bowlers to practice their skills and play in unfamilier positions in a fun but compeitive environment

Teams are formed for the evening by random selection.  The draw determining team, playing postion and opposition.

The nearest bowl to the jack earns the team 3 points, the second 2 points and the third 1 point.

12 Ends are played and the difference between the teams scores at the end of the game becomes the individual player's score (either + or -) for that evening. That score is added or subtracted to the player's cumulative score on the league table.


The skip of the Blue Team completes the scorecard, whilst the Red Team look after the scoreboard. .


The competition continues throughout the season and a minimum of 8 Tuesday Evening Sessions must be completed to qualify for the Trophy (this has now been reduced to 7 qualifying games for the 2022 season).  A “League Table” of accumulated points difference will determine the season’s winner.

The Entrance Fee is £1 per Tuesday evening played with each session commencing at 5.30 with a 'spider' competition for a bottle of wine. Please register for the evening by 5.15 .

Open to all club members

2022 TUESDAY EVENING LEAGUE - Latest Leage Table

2021 TUESDAY EVENING LEAGUE - Final League Table