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17th May 2021
COVID 19 Guidance Update


Following the recent government guidance on relaxation of COVID restrictions and in line with Bowls England the committee have agreed the following:


 • Members are NOT to attend the club if they have any symptoms of COVID 19 


• For the purpose of track & trace all members are to sign in when attending the club (Sign in book is hanging in the outside notice board - please remember to sign in opponents).


• Masks are to be worn at all times when inside the clubhouse except when seated and eating. If seated and visiting the bathroom please wear your mask.


 • Members can share cars when traveling to and from the club or away games 


• Changing rooms will be open with a MAXIMUM OF 6 PEOPLE in the changing room at any one time and SOCIAL DISTANCING IS TO BE MAINTAINED. Alternatively, if members prefer, bags may still be left under the large gazebo 


• Away games, members will adhere to the local club restrictions as conveyed by the Captain of the day 


• Bowls equipment use will be pre COVID, i.e. single jack, mat placed by winning team, hand sanitisers will placed at the end of each rink for FREQUENT hand sanitisation.  All equipment is now in the first shed.


• 6 rinks can be in use but matches but for home friendly games it will only be TRIPLES with a maximum of 36 players to enable players to be accommodated in the clubhouse if needed. Captains to decide if 2 or 3 woods triples.


• Spectators are now allowed. 


• All available windows and doors to be opened whilst the clubhouse or changing rooms are in use 


• The bar will be open but TABLE SERVICE ONLY, glasses or plastic glasses to be offered


• Slips to fill in a drinks order form for their rinks so that drinks will be available on allocated rink tables after the game if required. 


• Tea and biscuits only will be severed at all matches, half time or post-match timing to be determined by the captain of the day 


• Players to sit at allocated rink tables where tea & biscuits will be brought to the table, one person should pour. If indoors there is to be no moving of tables and chairs and no mixing of players across the tables. Rule of 6 is still applicable indoors.


• Big matches, County & District catering to be agreed at the time and guidance to be followed 


• Catering will be on Paper plates, paper dishes, paper cups and disposable condiments   


  • All used utensils to be taken home and cleaned through a dishwasher 

  • All table cloths to be sanitised 


• All notice boards and rink diary will be in use, social distancing to be maintained, members are encouraged to take their own pen/pencil - New Rink diary is a bright PINK folder on the table in the corner with the policies etc


 • For the purpose of track & trace the rink diary must show the names of all players, including roll ups.

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