Monday is Games afternoon & Friday is Whist.

Monday afternoons are proving very successful as our games afternoon 2 till 4 ish and Friday is whist from 2 till 5pm.

On Monday, so far, we have mastered Rumikub, Triomino’s and another domino’s game called Mexican Train. All good fun and all helped along with a cuppa and cake. If you would like to join us for either afternoon please just pop along.

Potters pre-season Break.

The 25th March see’s a few of us (28) visiting Potters for a 3 night pre season break. Having spoken to a few members that went to Potters in Dec 2021 the general feeling is that we give the Mon – Fri a miss this year. It is getting very expensive and I will be interested to see what the feedback is from the March outing.

Pretty Woman – Savoy Theatre

This theatre trip on 9th Feb has 50 of us on a jolly to see this fab show. Sadly no Richard Geer or Julia Roberts but I am sure it will be amazing. I still have 1 ticket left if anyone fancies joining us let Debbie know.

Thursford Christmas Spectacular Norfolk.

It has been suggested that we have an outing, by coach with an overnight stay, to start our Christmas celebrations to Norfolk this year to see this Christmas spectacular.

So, say no more……………


22 ticketshave been reserved  at £42 each for TUESDAY 6TH  DEC for the eve performance at 7pm and need to know if you would like to come? If you do…….

  • Do you want a coach or make your own way?

  • Do you want an overnight stay – prob premier inn or similar with breakfast on the Weds before we make our way home.

Let Debbie know if you fancy coming. Here is the link to find out more

We're Back!

The Green is open and a very successful opening weekend saw John Gilson win the opening Chocolate Drive on Saturday. Following the planting of our Platinum Jubilee Green Canopy tree on the Sunday the Captain's team

defeated the President's team by a very narrow margin.


Click Here for more pictures from the President v Captain match

Bowls for Fun Open Day

Harperbury's Bowls for Fun Open Day was a great success with over 25 people trying out bowls for the first time and signing up for further coaching.

But its not too late to get involved...

.... Our Coaching Team will be at the Green every monday afternoon (2 -4) and evening (5-7) so why not drop in and give bowls a go.

Do you have Club bowls on long term loan?


Sue Oakley, who has volunteered to sort out the club’s bowls/woods in the shed. She will be keeping records of who has borrowed which woods so we can keep track of what we have ‘in stock’. If anyone has any woods that have been on a long term ‘loan’ please let Sue know.


In future there will be an agreed ‘loan’ period after which members will be expected to provide their own woods and new bowlers can then have the use of the right size woods when they start to bowl.