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What a lovely bowling weekend. Green bowled well, club and surrounds look great and fab company.


Thank you if you played a part in the success of our first weekend back at Harperbury bowling. 


Well done to Eileen and Tony P for winning the spoon drive and we won't mention the fact that the Captain's team won :)


I have learnt a few things from this weekend.

  1. Nobody really carries cash anymore - I had to raid money pots for my £2.50 game fee.

  2. Lots of people have really random hair styles whilst waiting for their appointments (me and Barry Gibb included lol)

  3. Lots of us are SO out of shape with muscles we had forgotten

we had aching after the games from delivering the woods and standing about for so long


and finally - To remember all the safety bits on the green with 2M distance and who touches this and that which is obviously a necessity to keep us all safe but makes your brain ache!

BUT.... It was SO nice to see everyone and just get back out there.




Additional Competition on Sunday 9th May

We do not have a game up the club at the weekend so we thought we would run a triples competition at 2pm on SUNDAY 9th MAY.


Next season, all being well, the committee has agreed for Robbie to run a Football league competition one morning a week at the club. This will be for teams to enter from other clubs as well as our own. 

So we thought it would be a good opportunity for us to give it a go. Bit of fun on a Sunday afternoon! Robbie is kindly providing a prize for the top team.


To enter you need a team of 3 players. You need to call yourselves a football team from whichever league you like. 


The format is as follows:


To 'score a goal' you need to be holding 2 shots on an end


If you are holding 4 shots on an end you 'score' 2 goals


If you are holding 5 shots on an end you 'score' 3 goals



After each set of 4 ends (3 sets ) there will be a 'score' 


If you win you get 2 points


if you draw you get 1 point


The winner at the end of the afternoon will be the football team with the most points.


If you would like to enter a football team let me know who is in your team and your team's name.  

If your team name is already taken you will need to have a re think. 

First come first serve on footy team names ..........

2pm - Greys please, £1 pp and the bar will be open (table Service)


Get Together Pre- season




All members are invited to pop up for a cuppa or for a beverage from the bar on SUNDAY 11th APRIL either at 11 – 1pm or 2 to 4pm.


To help maintain social distancing we need to have the two sessions. Please let us know if you can make it and which time suits you best.

Please bring a chair and if you don’t fancy a plastic cup from the bar or a cardboard cup for your tea feel free to bring your own.


Sunday 18th April  President v Captain


The teams will be picked after the welcome back get together on SUNDAY 11th APRIL. If there are more than 24 players the game will be in 2 halves so that everyone can play.


During the afternoon tea and wrapped cake will be available and the bar will be open with table service during the afternoon.

Greys please with match fees being 2.50 on arrival to either the President or Captain depending on whose team you are on. Correct monies would be really appreciated please.


If you are not a member and just fancy having a go at bowls or a member and fancy a bit of coaching, then pop down on Saturday 24 April and see us. 


We have fun bowls sessions 10 -12 or 2 - 4 at Harperbury Bowls Club.


Following the Club 2 woods competition on 31st Jly there will be a BBQ at 4.30pm and then at 6.30pm we are delighted to welcome a local group, recommended by Kevin Speck (cos he plays in it lol) to the club. They will set up and play outside for a couple of hours which is why we need the weather to behave. When asked what type of music they play Kevin said not the modern stuff! A bit of Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry type of thing. Perfect. If you would like to come for the afternoon to watch the bowls and enjoy a BQQ and some live music there is a poster up at the club to put your name down.


Back to Bowls, but Covid caution still applies

Following Government and Bowls England guidance the committee have a plan for our games up to 17th May when guidance may well change again.

  • No more than 24 players on the green using 3 or 4 rinks at any one time. Players are advised to spread out whilst on the green to accommodate the 2M distancing and although masks are not required outside it is an individual choice.

  •  Spectators will be expected to follow the rule of 6 with at least 2 M between each group

  • Every member to sign in please whenever you are up the club, there will be a signing in book where you normally tick your names off for games in the outside notice board. This is for track and trace– Please bring a pen.

  • The club house will only be open to members for the use of the bathrooms and a mask must be worn when inside the club.

  •  The bar will be table service until 17th May at least.

  • As a club we will not be providing standard teas on weekend matches at present and a conversation will take place between captains as to whether players are happy to stay for a drink after the games.


  • Providing all goes according to the roadmap out of lockdown this will be reviewed at each committee meeting.

  • Wrapped biscuits with tea and coffee will be provided for weekday matches and wrapped cake with tea etc for weekend games. We will be sitting outside in 6’s throughout April and up to 17th May. It is then hoped that we can sit in the club house in 6’s 2 M apart. 

As far as playing bowls the guidance set out by the committee last year will still be relevant.

  • The mats, jacks and sanitizing trays will be set up outside as before and after the game the equipment needs to be dipped in the cleaning trays please by the leads and mats left to dry.

  • The pushers and score boards can be used for friendlies and competition games and will be stored in the club house to avoid members using the sheds.

  • For friendlies and competition games each lead is to have their own jack and mat – the skip is to line the jack up with their foot.

  • Pushers can be used and 2 allocated players from each team needs to collect one for each end. They will be expected to take charge of it for the game and they need to be the only ones using it. After the game they need to spray it and wipe it down before it is returned to the club house.

We are hoping that we can return to pre covid times after June 21st all being well but in the meantime these precautions are in place to protect us all so please work with us and abide by them to keep yourself and others as safe as possible.



Congratulations to Shirley I'Anson and Les Roberts, winners of Rosie's Trophy at the inaugural event remembering our much loved friend and member, Rosie Langley.

A great fun day and £237.00 was raised for Hertsmere Mencap at the event.

Pictures of the Day are in the Gallery - Click Here

...and for results from the day, click here.


Message from the Captain

We Won!!!!


We had 24 points from the away game which was a great cushion but did not need them.


Thank you ALL for your support with this game whether you played in the away leg, home leg or both. I am thrilled that we won.  


This trophy has not been in our clutches since 2016.

The Ariels play live at Harperbury
Last call for the Presentation Lunch – Friday 26th Nov

We have 43 names so far for the lunch.  FRI 26th NOV 12.30 arrival for a 1.30  lunch. It will be two courses at £18.

We thought we would start the Christmas season off early this year as we missed out SO much last year and have roast turkey with a vegetarian roast option followed by profiter rolls, choc sauce and cream or a fruit salad.


Debs needs to know if anyone going for the vegetarian option or fruit salad option please. If you can put a V for vegetarian option and FS for fruit salad that will help me.

The sheet is up on the social board in the club by the door if you want to add your name. Payment will be by 1st Nov please.

2019 TUESDAY EVENING LEAGUE - Final Scores and Positions

Each year the Club Captain chooses a charity to support and the club raises funds through large scale events such as a fun bowling match or a quiz to individual donations for example putting small change in a bottle on the bar or paying a small fine for a wrong bias or other minor misdemeanour on the bowls green.

Debbie Trollop the 2021 Captain has chosen as her charity:-


Pumping Marvellous are a UK heart failure charity group who support patients and their families and help them live with heart failure. The charity have lots of information, a positive attitude, friendly support and provide consistent encouragement to all affected by heart failure.


Why this charity? 


Debbie says "I have a dear friend who I qualified as a midwife passed away in 202 waiting for her heart transplant. She has congenital heart failure and her only hope is a new heart. She was an ambassador for this charity and spoke in parliament and anywhere that will listen to her about Pumping Marvelous and the work and support they offer and also campaigned for donation to be an ‘opt out’ not an opt in.


From 2020 organ donation will be indeed be an opt out but your next of kin still have the final say. So please make sure your family know your wishes. If you want to donate any of your bits andpieces register on line and have that discussion with your families."

For more information and an opportunity to donate to Pumping Marvellous, visit their website by clicking the button below:-


Click here for the results of the 2021 competitions

Club Championship

Mens Kelly

Ladies Kelly

Holgate Fixed Jack

Club Pairs

Butler Handicap

2 Wood Singles

Mixed Pairs

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