Additional Competition on Sunday 9th May

We do not have a game up the club at the weekend so we thought we would run a triples competition at 2pm on SUNDAY 9th MAY.


Next season, all being well, the committee has agreed for Robbie to run a Football league competition one morning a week at the club. This will be for teams to enter from other clubs as well as our own. 

So we thought it would be a good opportunity for us to give it a go. Bit of fun on a Sunday afternoon! Robbie is kindly providing a prize for the top team.


To enter you need a team of 3 players. You need to call yourselves a football team from whichever league you like. 


The format is as follows:


To 'score a goal' you need to be holding 2 shots on an end


If you are holding 4 shots on an end you 'score' 2 goals


If you are holding 5 shots on an end you 'score' 3 goals



After each set of 4 ends (3 sets ) there will be a 'score' 


If you win you get 2 points


if you draw you get 1 point


The winner at the end of the afternoon will be the football team with the most points.


If you would like to enter a football team let me know who is in your team and your team's name.  

If your team name is already taken you will need to have a re think. 

First come first serve on footy team names ..........

2pm - Greys please, £1 pp and the bar will be open (table Service)


Get Together Pre- season




All members are invited to pop up for a cuppa or for a beverage from the bar on SUNDAY 11th APRIL either at 11 – 1pm or 2 to 4pm.


To help maintain social distancing we need to have the two sessions. Please let us know if you can make it and which time suits you best.

Please bring a chair and if you don’t fancy a plastic cup from the bar or a cardboard cup for your tea feel free to bring your own.


Sunday 18th April  President v Captain


The teams will be picked after the welcome back get together on SUNDAY 11th APRIL. If there are more than 24 players the game will be in 2 halves so that everyone can play.


During the afternoon tea and wrapped cake will be available and the bar will be open with table service during the afternoon.

Greys please with match fees being 2.50 on arrival to either the President or Captain depending on whose team you are on. Correct monies would be really appreciated please.


If you are not a member and just fancy having a go at bowls or a member and fancy a bit of coaching, then pop down on Saturday 24 April and see us. 


We have fun bowls sessions 10 -12 or 2 - 4 at Harperbury Bowls Club.