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Dear Members,

As you are aware the Trustees and Senior Executive Officers of The Committee, held a  meeting yesterday to discuss the way forward for Harperbury Bowls Club Members, playing and Associate.

Harperbury Bowls Club as of today will be closed for ALL social and bowling activities including roll ups.

This closure will be with immediate effect, initially until mid April. (prior to the opening season). However we wish to warn you that this may continue for up to four months.

In any event the Trustees and Executive Officers will keep you informed of exactly what is happening and decisions made, by regular updates.


With regard to your subscriptions, we are asking that you pay your subscriptions whether you are a full Playing Member or Associate Member.  This is to help keep the clubs head above water.

However as the season progresses and if there is further disruption to playing, and other activities. The club will pay back up to £70 in refunds for playing periods lost. £20 of your subscription will be kept for your Registration Fee.  The Associate Members fee of £10 will be paid into the club as your Registration Fee for the year.

The Committee will not be holding Committee Meetings during this period, but if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact either Dave Trollope, Chairman or Gillian Carvin, Secretary.

If you are passing the club and you see that The Green Team are working, this is to continue to maintain the Green to its current standard and so that we can continue to play on the green, hopefully in the coming months.

At this point The Trustees and The Committee would like to add, stay safe and well and we look forward to seeing you on the green, hopefully in the near future.


Sue Allen

Health & Safety

17 March 2020


The green will be open from TUESDAY 9th JUNE with 3 rinks being available at 10.30   12.30  2.30  4.30 and 6.30.

Strict Social Distancing and sanitizing protocols will be in force.


Full details on the News and Diary page.

Rinks  and requests to spectate MUST be booked in advance.  If you have not booked, then sorry you will be asked to leave.

To view the Rink Booking Calendar, click the button below.  Please note you can only view the calendar, Members wishing to bowl, spectate or garden must still contact Debbie or Dave to book.


After weeks of knockouts and semifinals the ‘Lockdown’ finals are here.


Sheila has been doing a sterling job of sorting these out and keeping players safe.


The finals are –

10 am  - Lockdown Pairs –Les R & John G V Kevin S & Shirley I (Sub for Jean E)

                Lockdown Holgate – Jan T & Debbie T VKeith W & Ron F


2 /2.30  - Lockdown singles –Kevin S V Debbie T

                Lockdown 2 woods –Les R V Dave L

Sadly we are limited with the number of people who can be at the club at any one time, so if you wish to spectate, please contact Debbie.  We need to abide by the guidance, so please do not just turn up.

Lockdown Club Finals Day

We had a great finals day on Saturday 12 September and the results were as follows:


Lockdown Fixed Jack winners were Deb T and Jan T runners up Keith W and Ron F

Lockdown pairs winners were Les R and John G and runners up Kevin S and Shirley I

Lockdown 2 woods winner Dave L runner up Les R

Lockdown singles winner Deb T runner up Kevin S

Finals day pictures are on the 2020 Lockdown Competitions page

Green Re-opening - 9th June 2020
E Mail from Debbie - Club Captain

A few members have been in touch asking if the green will be opening up for a roll up. Having had a committee meeting Friday we have now finalised our guidance document.

Link to Guidance Document


The green will be open from TUESDAY 9th JUNE with 3 rinks being available at 10.30   12.30  2.30 4:30 and 6.30. This means a maximum of 6 members at the club at any one time.


The green team and working party have been working hard on the green and the club during lock down and it looks great! The committee have also been working hard on the attached guidance document with members safety being paramount. 


PLEASE read the whole guidance document as it relates to the measures being put in place this week and tested by the green team and working party. 


We are closing the green on a Monday, all day,  so that the teams can do their stuff with safe social distancing so this means NO ONE apart from the green team and working party should be up the club on a Monday for the time being.


If you choose to attend the club for a roll up please follow the attached guidance it is for everyone's safety . It is however your responsibility to keep yourself safe. 


Dave and I will be taking the bookings 48 hours in advance so please use our landline first on 01727 821287 or Dave's mobile on 07947 833492. The Booking procedure is explained in the guidance,


Please DO NOT just turn up at the club to chat with those who might be  bowling. You will be turned away.  This is all for your safety and of course will be reviewed as government and Bowls England's advice starts to change.


We don't anticipate any problems but if this guidance is not followed the committee will then review the safety of the members and may decide that the safest option is to close the green again.


Please take the time to read the guidance it is for your safety. Take the summary sheet to the club with you to remind you of what you need to do. There will also be signs up at the club to help and remind you.


If having read the guidance you need any clarification then please contact a committee member who will try and assist you. 


The aim is to have a committee member up the club to assist and guide you and ensure that the guidelines are being followed.


Stay safe


Membership secretary and Club Captain.

Updated Guidance on Re-opened Green


The committee met last week and due to the government relaxing the restrictions even more and Bowls England’s new guidance re the amount of people etc we have changed/added to the Club’s guidance.

Link to July 2020 Revised Guidance Document

Four people from different households can play pairs now as long as 2m social distancing is maintained.

We can also have spectators for the same time slots as the rinks with a Max of 20 people up the club at one time.

The club has benches and plastic chairs that can be spread out to 2M apart and with sanitizing spray available to spray and wipe down before and after use. However, it would be easier if spectators brought their own chairs.

The club house remains closed unless the bathroom is required and there are clear instructions to follow if used so that you can leave it sanitized. The committee did discuss opening the bar and kitchen but decided at this moment in time it was not feasible.

To allow us to control our numbers up the club and for track and trace purposes bookings for a rink and spectators and gardeners are made over the phone to Debbie or Dave Trollope.

The committee are aware that some members have chosen to ignore the club guidance and have just been dropping in up the club.

They would like to remind members that if a member who has been up the club does contract Covid – and it is possible as the virus HAS NOT gone away -  in order to control this disease the Track and Trace teams need to know exactly where that person has been and who they have been in contact with and all those people then self-isolate. This is the only way the UK will control this if it escalates again. All organizations have to log who attends their premises. Please work with us in this as we ALL have a responsibility to keep  our selves and everyone else safe.

13 July 2020

2020 Lockdown Winners and Runners Up

Lockdown Singles
Champion -  Debbie Trollope
Runner up -  Kevin Speck

Click here for competition results sheet

Lockdown 2 Wood singles
Champion -  Dave Leggatt
Runner up -  Les Roberts

Click here for competition results sheet

Lockdown Pairs
Champions -  Les Roberts & John Gilson 
Runners up -  Shirley I'Anson & Kevin Speck

Click here for competition results sheet

Lockdown Fixed Jack Pairs
Champions -  Jan Taylor & Debbie Trolloppe 
Runners up -  Ron Frewin & Keith Williams

Click here for competition results sheet

Pictures of the 2020 Lockdown competitions can be seen in the Gallery

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